I'm Peter Jolly.
All-round tech nerd.

Actually I have a Masters of Architecture and I work in a university working on web mapping, GIS, BIM, and wayfinding. But at night I like to design, code and produce digital content. If you want to knock some ideas around, then let's talk. Why build this website, I hear you ask? Well, I just love web design and so I wanted my own signature portfolio on the web. p.s. Want to see something cool? Reload this page and check out the welcome message at the top again. It changes on each reload. Or you might like what I have done with my 404 page.

My skills.

  • Frontend web development
  • Graphic design
  • Brand development
  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics production
  • Licensed drone videography
  • GIS and web mapping
  • Architectural CAD drafting


A digital building directory touchscreen interface I designed, developed and deployed in several building.

An animated mockup of a wayfinding chatbot that helps users find a room within a building using chat responses to provide step by step directions.

A motion graphic project I worked on to tell a visual story for social media promoting a solar installation company.

A few logo designs I have created for community groups and a blockchain startup to help with their brand strategy.

“Design is creativity with strategy.” Rob Curedale